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Today, via Twitter:

Todd Akin ‏@ToddAkin

2010: GOP Party Bosses say, “Charlie Crist is the best candidate.” 2012: Crist speaks at #DNC2012. Chip in & fight bac [….] 3:11 PM – 6 Sep 12

Todd Akin ‏@ToddAkin

Party Bosses always seem to side with the Charlie Crist’s of the world, while turning their back on true conservatives. RT if you agree! 6:44 PM – 6 Sep 12

Todd Akin ‏@ToddAkin

Join us in telling the Party Bosses that we don’t want another Charlie Crist. Chip in to stand up to them now! [….] #MOSen 9:18 PM – 6 Sep 12

Now you’ve gone and done it. Those republican “Party Bosses” aren’t going to want to ante up.

The best Twitter response so far – during the DNC’s evening speeches:

Hal Yokum@MyLawyerHal

@ToddAkin Quiet, Todd. The adults are talking. 9:20 PM – 6 Sep 12


There may be a reason for that “chip in” Twitter flurry – via the Great Orange Satan.

Akin Ads Pulled Due to Lack of Payment

Posted: Sep 6, 2012 5:56 PM by Mary McGuire

Updated: Sep 7, 2012 12:06 AM

COLUMBIA – Republican senatorial candidate Todd Akin’s latest round of political ads have been pulled from the airwaves of KOMU 8 and other Missouri TV stations due to a lack of payment as of Thursday.

Akin’s camp placed an ad buy that was supposed to run in full through this week.

Standard procedure dictates that political ads must be paid in full before ads will run, but KOMU 8 received half of the payment for the Akin ads and ran half of the ad buy.

When KOMU 8 did not receive the rest of the money in time for the rest of the ad cycle, it pulled the ads.

The ads weren’t cancelled by the Akin camp.

KOMU 8 spoke with various television stations in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia, and heard a similar story from each….

There are plenty of marks in the nation to eventually make up the difference, but you’ve got to find them first. It’ll be more difficult without the use of a grifter’s mailing list.