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And by giving him his due, I don’t mean snickering, giggling, or snorting. The guy’s got chutzpah. And, as far as principle goes, I’m not sure he doesn’t come off better than the party he represents. Consider the comments of Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chairman, who believes that Akin has an obligation to be pragmatic and put the party before his own ambitions (video at TPM):

… What I do love about some people in politics is they’re in it for the cause. They really do believe this is about liberty and freedom and the future of our country. If that’s really where you’re at and you have an opportunity to put someone else in pace who has a better chance at winning than you do,well then, you know, you’re not always the person who has to be the guy and I just think that the people who want to do something special are always better than the people who want to be somebody special …

Then, when asked if the Republican Party would consider acting in an equally pragmatic way, putting the good of the party before spite directed at Akin,  Priebus reacts vehemently, exclaiming that, “No, no. No. He could be tied. We’re not going to send him a penny.”  

Who would be hurting the Party most in this scenario? Evidently, when it comes to forgiving Akin, whose main sin, apart from bad biology, was to publicly enunciate the set of beliefs that are written into the GOP party platform – and that, incidentally, matches the policy prescriptions of the Vice-Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan – the Party is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face.

And, after hearing Mr. Priebus going on about the GOP liberty and freedom brigade, I can’t forbear adding that, in the unlikely scenario where one had to choose the GOPer who really believes the nonsense the new, extreme right-wing Republican Party dishes up, I’d take Todd Akin, repulsive as he is, over corporate toady Roy Blunt and pork king Kit Bond just about any day.