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Senator Claire McCaskill demonstrates complete disdain for the 10 point lead that Rasmussen is trying to foist off on her:


Rasmussen poll made me laugh out loud. If anyone believes that, I just turned 29. Sneaky stuff.

I usually take Rasmussen with a pinch of salt as well, but one can’t help wondering just why McCaskill’s so vehement about their results – especially since their bias seems to be running the wrong way. Remember the day. I can almost guarantee you it’ll be a cold day in July when you hear another politician trying to diss a poll that gives him/her a ten point lead.

Of course, we’ve also got a poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP), taken directly after the Akin flap, that shows no change from a month ago – Akin in the lead by one point.  This poll, however, excited some scepticism based on the sampling technique. Jim Geraghty of the National Review Online suggested that its sampling skewed toward Republicans. Of course, in this case, PPP would be showing a bias that contradicts the common perception of its sympathies.

And don’t forget, though, there’s noise that Akin is basing his decision to stay in the race, at least to some extent, on an internal poll that found a breakdown similar to that of PPP.