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Todd Akin thinks that it’s the liberal media that’s been trying to get him to drop out – or so he tweets:

Todd Akin ‏@ToddAkin

I apologized but the liberal media is trying to make me drop out. Please stand w/ me tonight by signing my petition …

You’d think that if a fellow actually apologized for expressing his dishonest, stupid and harmful beliefs in an inelegant way, why then things would be all ginger-peachy. Just goes to show you how mean that liberal media actually is. Just think, if we didn’t know better, it might actually seem like it’s the entire Republican power structure running away from him like he’s radioactive.

Somehow, I bet we’ll hear more of this whining as brother Todd tries to hijack the wallets of the Christian right-wing in order to take up the slack that was left when the fleeing GOPers took their former financial bounty away. Of course, I’m betting that if Akin sticks it out and calls their bluff, the RNC and Crossroads GPS will soon kick their millions back in and start up the get-Claire machine within a couple of weeks. What’re they gonna do? If McCaskill wins, Democrats likely keep the Senate.

Of course, now that the GOP’s got Akin well marinated, he’s ready and primed for the McCaskill tenderizing treatment. Which is to say, baring the unspeakable, sooner or later, his goose is gonna be cooked.

Addendum: Read former State Senator Jeff Smith’s list of eleven reasons Akin didn’t and won’t quit. Best quip:

Missouri politicians who have in the past tried to negotiate with Akin describe it as sort of like trying to negotiate with Ahmadinejad. He is a zealot, in every sense of the word.