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Patrick Ruffini, GOP strategist, is one of the many conservatives who view Akin as poison in the aftermath of his “legitimate rape” remark. He has joined the chorus calling for Akin to step down. In the process, though, he makes an observation that has struck many of us who have observed the lock-step drill imposed on most GOP legislators:

Patrick Ruffini ‏@PatrickRuffini

Ultimately Senate nominees are expendable and interchangeable. No political downside in a switcheroo.

But it’s interesting to note who he’s thinks  viable as a candidate:

Patrick Ruffini ‏@PatrickRuffini

Trying to decide between Brunner/Steelman will be a bloody process. Talent would be a unity candidate.

Seems Mr. tweedledum and Ms. Tweedledee aren’t that attractive when it comes down to it; I can understand why Ruffini, like lots of GOP establishment types, would love to have Mr. Clean, Jim Talent, on the ticket. Ruffini cuts to the real chase:

Patrick Ruffini ‏@PatrickRuffini

A practical point: What corporate PAC is going to want to give to Akin? Who’ll bundle for him? These things matter…

And also:

Patrick Ruffini ‏@PatrickRuffini

GOP House candidates will be forced to take hard anti-Akin line. He can’t survive as the candidate under those conditions.

There’s lots more GOP moaning and groaning over Akin in Ruffini’s tweets, but I’ll leave you with this thought:

Tim Tagaris ‏@ttagaris

RT @PatrickRuffini: Akin has until Tuesday at 5pm to drop, so there is a fair amount of urgency here.

Will Akin bite the bullet?