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There was a very brief, but interesting letter to the editor (Titled “Before and After“) in today’s (Aug. 8) St. Louis Post-Dispatch – the writer claimed that politicians are making big promises right now, but when, after the election, the dust settles, the GOP will look out for the rich, the Democrats will work for the poor, and the middle class be dammed. The writer’s rhetoric is, however, sadly behind the times. Take for instance the old GOP standby, the claim that Democrats want to raise taxes,  and then consider this video about the Romney tax plan:

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We’re going to hear the Democrats tax-and-spend mantra from the crop of GOPers who won their primaries in Missouri last night along with lots of similar lies from anonymously funded attack ads. GOP Senatorial candidate Todd Akin, for instance, has already attacked the new taxes that pay for the extension of insurance in the Obamacare law – even though they’re mostly levied on insurance providers and those with big incomes. Just keep in mind that the only parties who’ll see their taxes go down if Romney wins the election and we hand him a GOP House and Senate will be the millionaires and big corporations – entities that have, arguably, not been paying their fair share for some time.

Of course, we’re Democrats and the GOPers are right – taxes aren’t our be-all and end-all. We understand that taxes buy us the things we need to succeed and have a good quality of life. Unlike the Republicans who support the slash-and-burn economies of the Ryan budget, we understand that evaluating benefits is an integral part of benefit/cost analysis. Nevertheless, we don’t want to pay more taxes so that Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, and monster corporations can pay less.

And as for the writer of the letter I cited and his claims pitting the poor against the middle class, please don’t get me wrong. I hope Democrats continue to worry about the poor along with the middle class – although maybe that desire is not entirely unselfish. Right now, Democrats are all that stand between the middle class and the poverty attendant on our growing inequality.