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My first remembrance of my childhood was after World War II when my father was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base Aurora, Colorado. As the son of a military officer, I have been around guns all my life.  My graduation present from high school was a Marlin lever action 30-30. I’ve even belonged to the NRA.

For too long law abiding gun owners, like me, have sat on the sidelines and not spoken up against the extremist minority. Now, with 12 dead in a theater in my old hometown, I am shouting out.

Unless you are “in a well regulated militia” you do not have the right to an assault rifle or a clip with more than 5 rounds.  If it takes an automatic rifle and 30 rounds for you to kill Bambi, you need a new hobby; and I’m done listening to your false slippery slope analogy. You can’t have an M-1 Abrams tank, or stinger missile, and neither should you be able to own an AK-47, 100 round magazine, or a tear gas canister.

And stop with the lame “if guns are banded only criminals will have guns”. The killers in Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and the Seki temple were not criminals until they snapped. Those of us who are sane need to snap and ban assault weaponry.  Bottom line, I am done with the gun nuts.

The gun nuts aren’t the only crazies I’m done with. I am done with right wingers like Sen. Kyl of Arizona railing against big government, as he drinks his water from Glen Canyon Dam and uses the power from Hoover Dam.

I am done with anyone, Democrat or Republican, who sends our young men and women to die without a declaration of war. No more volunteer army; we are all in or we are all out.

I am done with farmers voting for Republican like lemmings saying they want government out of their live. Yet, they have their hands out to urban dwellers to help build their schools and roads, provide their utilities, and compensate them for crops destroyed by weather. I am glad to do all those things for our hard working farmer, just stop your bitching about the big government that you’re beholding to.

I am done with elections being decided by low information voters who make their decision based on a 15 second sound bites.

I am done with conservatives thinking they are the only ones who work hard, serve in our armed forces, and love this great nation.

I am done with tax breaks on capital gains. When Reagan signed a bill making the taxes the same on capital gains as regular income, he said: “It is unfair that a bus drive to pay 10 percent while a millionaire pays less.” For once Reagan was right.

I am done with people calling the Affordable Healthcare Act socialism; and then saying they want only the best for our troops. Our troops have been on 100% socialized medicine dating back to the founding fathers. I know how it works; I was delivered by Capt. Thomas O’Brien USAF. What is good for our best and bravest is fine with me.

I am done with the pro lifers that beg a mother to save the baby; but when the baby is born, they call the mother a welfare whore.

I am done with the religious right who are only for things that don’t cost them any money like prayer in schools and posting the Ten Commandments. Then if Jesus’ teachings are going to cost a dime, suddenly they lose their religion. Like when children need healthcare and education, or seniors with preexisting conditions can’t get insurance, or a man needs a living wage.

Most of all, I am done with right wings defining the word liberal. Webster defines liberal as: not bigoted, tolerant, open to other points of view. That’s good enough for me.