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GOP senatorial primary contender John Brunner’s got a foolproof strategy: go on the attack with all the dirt you can shovel about your opponents, but when it comes to substance, keep your mouth tightly shut unless forced to do otherwise.  

Not only does Brunner run attack ads (doesn’t everybody?), he’s also put up special Websites for those who need time to parse the mud he slings at this opponents. Check out Akinfacts.com and Steelmanfacts.com. Pretty slick production values conveying a harsh message (is the “paid for by Brunner for Senate” note at the bottom of the page really almost impossible to read, or is it just my computer?).

Today, however, when Akin and Steelman will engage in debate (11:30 a.m. on “Up to Date,” 89.3 FM, KCUR), Brunner will be a no show.