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So much money, so little time. An attack ad, by a right wingnut PAC, directed at Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (r):

Narrator: Where’s Peter Kinder been? As Lieutenant Governor, we pay Kinder to break tie votes in the state senate. But Peter Kinder’s never been present for a tie vote. The last time a vote was tied Kinder was spotted at a bar, the Horny Toad Bar at the lake. And Kinder’s aggressive behavior with a stripper forced her to end contact. Skipping work to hang out at the Horny Toad. Questionable behavior. It’s last call for Peter Kinder. Time to cut him off.

[Missourians for Conservative values PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising. paid for by Missourians for Conservative values PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee….]

Pass the popcorn.

And we still don’t know exactly who’s paying for this. But it is a lot.


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