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You’ve got to love a Democratic Party presidential campaign that knows exactly how to communicate about the opposition’s really big problems, and then does it. Obama for America National Press Secretary Ben LaBolt on MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night:

….Obama for America National Press Secretary Ben LaBolt: Mitt Romney is holding himself to a double standard because he claims credit for jobs created by these companies that Bain acquired during his tenure, jobs that were created to date. But he won’t accept responsibility for transactions, uh, that he was involved with for companies that shipped jobs overseas, uh, and went bankrupt with workers losing their jobs and their pensions and their health care benefits. And so he has furiously tried to extract himself from these three years, nineteen ninety-nine through two thousand one. Now, he was CEO, chairman of the board, sole owner and sole shareholder. We’re supposed to believe that he didn’t have any involvement with any of these companies? You know, a new report has emerged tonight in sworn testimony in two thousand two, Romney said that he left Salt Lake to travel back to Massachusetts, uh, to appear at board meetings. Uh, and so the suggestion that he’s not involved in any of this, that he’s legally responsible, but not personally responsible simply isn’t credible….

And the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign also shared this handy graphic:

Heh. They’re not gonna let up. Nor should they.