By @BGinKC

I’ve been on something of a tear toward the Governor of our fine state for over a month now, ever since the state Democratic convention, where he gave me the standard “we’re looking at all the bills carefully” non-answer to my question about Senate Bill 749 in the press gaggle after his speech, and I have made my displeasure with him known via my Facebook pageand his — calling him out almost daily for his foot-dragging; pointing out that elections are won by people who phone bank and canvass and volunteer in the office and answer the phone and make the coffee. . .you know, the jobs that  women do in campaigns.

Today, as time was running out, he finally busted out the veto pen:

Gov. Jay Nixon today vetoed a bill (SB749) that would have allowed employers and insurers to decide not to provide coverage for abortion, contraception or sterilization if such procedures run contrary to their religious beliefs or moral convictions.

The governor said Missouri law already provides “strong religious protections” that let employers and employees abstain from paying for contraceptive coverage based on their beliefs.

Nothing in the bill passed by the Missouri Legislature “would enhance these substantive religious protections that have been in place and afforded to employees and employers,” the governor said in his veto message.

In fact, he said the bill would undermine current law because it would let an insurance company “impose its will, and deny inclusion of contraceptive coverage, even if that position is inconsistent with the rights and beliefs of the employee or employer.”

I’m still kinda pissed that it took him two months to veto it, and had all but given up hope, figuring he was going to take the cowards way out and let it become law without his signature, so I am pleasantly surprised by the last-minute show of courage.  

But I’m also a woman of my word. So I will be phone-banking and canvassing and doing the grunt work that wins campaigns because if Nixon isn’t returned to office, this piece of misogynistic crap will be resurrected next session, and his opponent would sign it with great fanfare, probably in the sanctuary of an evangelical mega-church.