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We’ve heard nothing but jobs from members of the not-so-loyal opposition party – although when they decide to get busy, the project rarely seems to involve getting unemployed Americans back to work. We certainly get the job-talk from all our Missouri GOP politicos – while most of them are also on the record for supporting the outsourcing of American jobs in some way or another – which, I think, is the opposite of job creation. Just google the GOP pol’s name and add “outsourcing,” and you’ll see what I mean.

True to the playbook, Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee-to-be, has decided to run on a platform that requires that every fifth word be “jobs.” He actually doesn’t have much of a job creation record – Massachusetts didn’t do so well in that regard under his leadership – but then he’s also been very careful to avoid specifics.

However, those specifics have a way of creeping up on you, no matter how you try to avoid them. Romney not only has lots to explain about his role as a “job-creator” (of course, he is rich and most Republicans think that the wealthy are, ipso facto, job-creators), but he has a lot in common with our Missouri outsourcers too. When it comes to his outsourcing proclivities, The Washington Post is responsible for rounding up the specifics that have come home to roost; Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, has, however, expanded the roster of facts and translated it to video and sent it out into the world:

It’s not hard to understand why so many GOPers are big for outsourcing – it’s good for the American corporate bottom line and American corporations are good for compliant politicians’ campaign bottom lines. Take a look, for instance at which politicians the Chamber of Commerce, a big proponent of a “free market” base that is located offshore, likes to throw its money.

Remember when Newt Gingrich’s former sugar daddy, Sheldon Adelson, announced that he was winging his wallet Romney’s way? Then stop and consider the talk – from none other than John McCain among others – about Adelson’s Chinese connections and the implication that he is putting his support where it can buy influence for China, one of the leading destinations for offshored American jobs. Makes it easy to understand just why Romney might be willing to be, in the President’s words, the “outsourcer-in-chief.”