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On Tuesday evening we had the opportunity to speak briefly with Patty Johnson (D), the Democratic Party candidate in the 56th Legislative District:

Video by Jerry Schmidt.

Show Me Progress: I’m Michael Bersin with Show Me Progress and I’m speaking with Patty Johnson who’s a Democratic candidate in the 56th Legislative District.

What brought you to running for office?

Patty Johnson: I decided to run for office because it, uh, the things that are going on in Jefferson City I don’t believe are representative of the people of the State of Missouri. Um, there’s not been much accomplished by the legislature in Jefferson City. I feel that there are serious issues that need to be addressed and those are not being met by our current legislature.    

Show Me Progress: Uh, what are those issues that you’re hearing from voters in your district, uh, what are the concerns that you’re hearing from them?

Patty Johnson: People are still very concerned about the economy, about jobs, uh, about education and particularly about, uh, women’s health issues. I’m hearing a lot of those concerns from the people in the 56th District

Show Me Progress: Now, as you’ve been talking to people they’ve been pretty receptive to what you’re talking about, to some of the solutions?

Patty Johnson: Yes, I believe they have been.

Show Me Progress: All right, well, thank you very much for your time.

Patty Johnson: Thank you, Michael.  

Patty Johnson (D) at a parade in Belton, Missouri on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

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