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Teresa Hensley’s (D) campaign has released a new video pointing out a few of Vicky Hartzler’s (r) issues:

Announcer: Washington’s not working. It’s time we send some Missouri common sense problem solving to Washington. It’s time for Teresa Hensley.

Teresa grew up in Missouri and she’s raised her family in Missouri. She know that the families, the next generation, and our seniors need a voice in Congress.

Teresa has served as Cass County Prosecutor for the past eight years where she’s been a common sense fighter for justice for Missouri families.

Teresa Hensley believes in doing the right thing. Her experience, dedication and fairness will serve us well in Congress.

Teresa Hensley (D): I care about the Fourth District and I want to take our Missouri values to Washington.      

Announcer: But, Vicky Hartzler? Her votes are hurting Missouri families.

She voted for the Paul Ryan which would eliminate Medicare as we know it.

[Vicky Hartzler: Cuts Medicare, H.Con.Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11]

She says we need to decrease the spending, but she took almost eight hundred thousand dollars in federal subsidies.

[Vicky Hartzler: $800,000 in Federal Subsidies, 1995-2010, C-SPAN, Environmental Working Group]

She also spent more than a quarter of a million taxpayer dollars on campaign style mailings. That’s more than every other Missouri representative – make’s her one of the top spenders in the country.

[Vicky Hartzler: Wasting Taxpayer dollars, Statement of Disbursements of the House, 2011]

That’s Washington politics, not Missouri values.

[Vicky Hartzler: Politics as Usual]

It’s time for common sense in Washington again.

Teresa Hensley: As the Cass County Prosecutor I have sought justice and sought fairness. My ideology will never get in the way of my job.

I can make a difference for the people of the Fourth District when I’m in Congress.  

[Paid for by Hensley for Congress]


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….Question: Congresswoman, I, I came today with an agenda item. I received your flyer and I see this young man over here. Who paid for this flyer?

Voice: We did. [Voices: “We did.” “We did.”]

Question: Taxpayers. [Voice: “We did.”]

Representative Hartzler (r): Yeah [inaudible].

Voice: We did.

Question: Yeah. [Voice: “We did.”] How much did we pay for mailing privileges since January, July one of two, twenty eleven? Do you know?

Representative Hartzler (r): I don’t know, but I bet you do….

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“…You know, who I am and, uh, the reasons I align myself with the Republican Party is a reflection of my background and experiences that I’ve had over the years…”

….Hartzler Farm Subsidies — $774,489

Hartzler Farms Inc received payments totaling $774,489 from 1995 through 2009

Year Total USDA Subsidies


1995 $16,606, 1996 $28,070, 1997 $18,449, 1998 $32,765, 1999 $89,330, 2000 $89,261, 2001 $135,482, 2002 $24,517, 2003 $41,910, 2004 $61,708, 2005 $105,698, 2006 $38,598, 2007 $29,579, 2008 $39,878, 2009 $22,639

Total $774,489

“…my parents in January, would sit down and take several days, cash flowing the, uh, the year, projecting forward what they thought the yields on the crops were gonna be. The prices on the crops, looking at the expenses, the payments that we had, seeing if we’d be able to make it all work. And after a few years my mom and dad called my sister and I over and said, you need to sit here with us and learn this process…”….

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): frankly, it looks like a campaign mailing (July 7, 2011)

Just a few issues.