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I know that this blog should focus on what is happening in Missouri and when we deal with national policies, we need to show how it will affect Missourians. Well, the presidential election will affect Missourians. If Mitt Romney wins it will affect thousands and thousands of Missourians and in a very bad way. If he wins because he lies more blatantly than any previous lying candidate, it’ll be a painful, cryin’ shame. Ipso facto, we all have an obligation to call him out whenever we learn about his lies – doesn’t matter how many other places have the scoop – we’ve got to amplify the message which is, simply put, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted.

Case in point:  Just so it’s clear where President Obama stands, here is a new campaign video decrying what the GOP has done to our economy by cutting public sector jobs. He makes his attitude about the disastrous GOP tack against public employees, that is, teachers, firemen and policemen, crystal clear:

Romney, who is on record with his belief that we don’t need so many of those dirty, stinking, commie public employees, specifically teachers, firemen and policemen, seems to have realized that openly declaring his druthers in this case wasn’t so smart. So he evidently decided to try to tar the president with the same brush – which his campaign did by taking film of the President and editing it so that the President appears to be saying the exact opposite of what he actually did say (h/t DailyKos):

If you want to know what the President really said, check out the actual transcript of his remarks printed by Talking Points Memo. Just in case you miss the point, in the words of DailyKos’ Jed Lewison:

This really isn’t a question of interpretation. It’s a simple case of dishonesty. And it’s not the kind of thing campaigns usually do. Sure, you always have spin. You always position things to help win votes. And sometimes you make mistakes and get things wrong. But for the most part, campaigns don’t lie as eagerly as Mitt Romney’s did today and has done throughout the campaign.

And in my own words – Romney’s an overtly lying piece of opportunistic slime who isn’t fit to clean our sewers, much less take on the responsibilities of president.