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Mitt Romney will be in St. Louis tomorrow. He’ll be speaking at 12:15 at Production Products, a military contractor in North County. He’ll attend a fundraiser in Clayton later, but one assumes that he will be using the earlier campaign stop to attempt to symbolically kiss-up to the assuredly small number of Latinos who might consider voting for a representative of the (brown) immigrant-allergic GOP. Productions Products is an Hispanic-owned business, a fact that is surely no accident.

I won’t be able to attend this event, but I am assuming that folks will attempt to translate his covert, GOP base-directed dog whistles into plain English for those of us who won’t be there. At his June 1 fundraiser at the exclusive, Balboa Bay Club in Orange County, California, this demanding job was undertaken by the Orange County branch of Billionaires for Romney. The Richie Rich guys and gals made sure that Romney’s message was rendered down to its essence into bromides like “tax our poor,” and “poor people get a clue, democracy is not for you.” We can only hope that like-minded folks do such an impressive job for us Missourians. If anyone reading this should happen to mosey over to Production Products at 12:00 tomorrow, please feel free to report back here.

I case you wonder why it’s important that somebody parse Mitt’s words for us, this AFL-CIO video which analyses Romney’s intentions – and how they stack up to those of Barack Obama – may be just the ticket:

In case you’re interested in the billionaires who weren’t out doing yeoman’s duty in Orange County, but the ones who want to buy the election for Mitt, take a look at this Rolling Stone article. It names names. Specifically, the names and profiles of sixteen billionaires who have ponied up a million dollars (or more) each to put Mitt in the White House.

And if this doesn’t worry you, consider yesterday’s gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin. Scott Walker outspent the Democratic challenger 7 to 1. He hung on to his job thanks to some of the same 1 percenters who are going to bat for Romney. Big money has really come into its own, and unless you’re rich, rich, rich and very corrupt, you need to be very afraid.