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By @BGinKC

I knew that my first attempt at interviewing anyone on camera would have moments that would make me cringe, and I was right. But on the whole, all of my mistakes were rookie ones and I had to see and hear myself before I can get better at this new phase of my blogging life.

So what did I learn? I learned that I tilt my head to the left when I speak. If we hadn’t been doing the interview at a sidewalk cafe and kept the camera on the subject after the intro, it could have gotten really annoying. I’ll work on that. Ditto forgetting to make sure the mic is pointed toward the person doing the talking.

I also learned some practical things. Like don’t ad lib. I left my prepared questions and was in the weeds immediately. We left it in during editing to remind me not to do that again.

I also learned that when using a tablet PC instead of notecards, change the settings from “power saver” because the screen goes black at the. worst. times.

I also learned that while it sounds like a cliche, it’s true: I stop being nervous the instant the red light comes on.

All in all, while it was obviously a rookie effort, I’m still proud of the end result and look forward to developing the skills to get really good at it. And to that end, I have a couple of other interviews lined up and I’m doing the prep for them now.

I want to thank Senator Justus for agreeing not just to sit down and chat, but for being such a great sport and agreeing to go first. I would also like to thank the staff and management at Aixois in the beautiful Crestwood neighborhood, nestled between the Plaza and Brookside in beautiful Kansas City, for allowing us to set up and conduct this experiment. And of course, thank you Jerry Schmidt for the fantastic video and editing expertise. I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank the anonymous, but annoyed gentleman who graciously surrendered his table to us because it was the perfect place for us to set up.