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Projection, with absolutely no sense of irony, in the republican controlled House chamber.

Rush Limbaugh (r) spoke in the House chamber today on the occasion of his bust being placed in the Hall of Famous Missourians by Speaker Steve Tilley (r). By all accounts the ceremony was closed to the public.

Rush Limbaugh (r): ….I’m sorry I, I take it for granted but in, the Speaker when he announced this, uh, and I’m sure that any of you in the room [inaudible] your share of it. But the Speaker’s office and people in his office and the Speaker himself have been under assault for wanting to do this and, believe me, uh, it’s, it’s east to s, you know what, Rush, be better off me trying this some other year. He didn’t do that. Um, he hung in, it was tough. He did not give them any quarter. Uh, laughed at them when they called his office, which is what you have to do ’cause they’re deranged. [laughter] They literally are deranged, our friends, so called friends on the other side of the aisle are deranged. This is when my family now forgets I’m here. [laughter] Uh, but, but, he stood up to it and, uh, in fact, enjoyed it and threw right back at them….

That would explain why the ceremony was by invitation only.

Remember that. Give them no quarter, expect none.

We must make a pilgrimage to the hall.


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