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Truman Days, sponsored by the Jackson County Democratic Committee, is taking place in Kansas City this weekend. The hospitality suites, hosted by various candidates, activist groups, and organized labor, opened on Friday evening. This annual event is an opportunity for Democrats, party activists, and Democratic Party candidates to gather and meet and greet. On Saturday evening Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia, current U.S. Senate candidate in Virginia, will be the keynote speaker at the dinner.  

A bit of blog meta. Courtney Cole (center) and Kevin Morgan (right), the Democratic Party candidate in the 38th Legislative District.

Judy Baker (center), a Democratic Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor and

our good friend Eli Yokley (right), another blogger desperately waiting to feed the content beast.

A young Democrat.

Teresa Hensley (left), the Democratic Party candidate in the 4th Congressional District.

Jean Peters Baker (D), Jackson County Prosecutor.

Chris Moreno, a Democratic Party candidate in the 37th Legislative District.

Holmes Osborne (center), the Democratic Party candidate in the 53rd Legislative District.

Our good friends at Almar Printing graciously gave us a place to drop our camera bags whilst we cruised the hospitality suites taking photos.