tBy @BGinKC

Back when I was supervising a phlebotomy crew in a large, inner city teaching hospital I had a co-worker named Sharon who was one of the hardest working, kindest and sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I don’t think she ever took her full break, because understaffing is the rule of the day in HCA facilities and she just didn’t have it in her to tell anyone “no” — unless she was telling me “no” when I would tell her to take off her badge, give me the trauma pager and GO ON BREAK. By the time 8:00 p.m. rolled around and it was the two of us and two or three phlebotomists for a 500 bed hospital with a trauma center, she would be starving and the cafeteria would be closed so she would have to go to the gift shop for Doritos and bean dip, or rely on vending machines. She was famous for taking a half-break and coming back into the lab and announcing that “all that did was make me mad.”

That was my reaction this morning when I saw that Harry Reid has come to his senses on the filibuster. I was furious all over again. Leave it to Hapless Harry to finally come around to a common-sense position when the game is over and the change in rules won’t help his side any more.

This is a drum I’ve been banging on for years. It’s the issue I got all het up over to the extent I got snippy with Claire McCaskill over it while I was sitting across the table from her in her own office, drinking her coffee.

I have been saying since 2007 that the filibuster fight is one we need to have because the republicans have abused the procedure and unilaterally changed the very nature of the US Senate.

That Harry Reid and the Democrats didn’t change the rules in January of 2011 when the tea party idiots who had been elected in November were seated was nothing short of political malpractice.

And by admitting it today, all Harry Reid did was make me mad.