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Cynthia Davis, former republican member of the General Assembly and now fringe party candidate for Lieutenant Governor, continues to demonstrate her well deserved reputation (weighing in on HB 2051 and Representative Zach Wyatt):

….Missouri legislators made national news last week over a bill to dictate what schools can teach regarding perverted behavior.  This story is particularly interesting to me since I was just in the community of Novinger, Northwest of Kirksville, the week before.  When this area replaced a Democrat with a Republican, they thought it would be an upgrade.  The new representative from Novinger just provided us with an example of why voting for a party alone does not represent our best interests.

The first four years I served in the House, this area was represented by a Republican.  Then for four years, the area was represented by a Democrat.  In 2010, this district reverted back to a Republican who now has betrayed the family-values image of the Republican Party as he held a press conference to announce his private preference of debasing himself with other men.  Making a public spectacle of this information bolstered him to national attention.  Since governments are not dragging people out of their bedrooms, why is his deviant lifestyle relevant to public policy?….

All that’s missing is the spittle.

As for the text:

Fairfax: …Man, that’s just MEAN. That’s MEAN, man.

“…relevant to public policy?”

Uh, we’ll take “right wingnut cultural wedge issues used in public discourse for a generation as a cynical distraction for political gain” for a thousand, Alex.

The stoopid, it burns.