Last night, via Twitter:

TruthTeam2012 ‏ @truthteam2012

@BarackObama joins American women who aren’t “closing their eyes” to the GOP’s assault on women’s health. http://pic.twitter.com/VMX4bPHa 7:43 PM – 27 Apr 12 via web

From President Obama’s remarks at the Women’s Leadership Forum last night:

We’ve got governors in Virgina, in Pennsylvania, all across the country saying women can’t be trusted to make their own decisions. They’re passing bills forcing women to get ultrasounds even when they don’t want one. If you don’t like it, the governor of Pennsylvania said you can “close your eyes.” When it comes to what’s going on out there, you’re not going to close your eyes. Women across America aren’t closing their eyes. As long as I’m President, I won’t either.

It’s going to be a good day today.