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The Missouri Democratic Party met by congressional district across the state on Thursday evening to select delegates to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina in early September. Delegates and alternates to the congressional district meetings were selected at county meetings in March. The 4th Congressional District meeting took place in Warsaw with 119 delegates voting to select three female and two male delegates to the national convention.

Delegates and alternates were required to sign in before 7:30 p.m.

with many arriving over an hour before the start of the meeting for a potluck dinner.

Delegates and a representative of the Missouri Democratic Party (center) in conversation before the meeting.

Delegates can campaign for themselves or others seeking one of the coveted congressional district national delegate spots.



Holmes Osborne, the Democratic Party candidate in the 53rd Legislative District.

Members of the 4th Congressional District Democratic Committee (consisting of county chairs and vice chairs

and legislative district chairs and vice chairs) held a brief meeting before the start of the election of national delegates.

Alternates who were selected as voting delegates (as replacements for those delegates who were not able to attend)

are registered as delegates and receive their orange ballot card before the start of balloting.

Candidates for the three female delegate slots (as well as candidates for the two male delegate slots) were given the opportunity to make a one minute speech before the vote.

Counting the ballots cast for female delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Holding up orange delegate cards – waiting to receive ballots to vote

for the male delegates to the Democratic National Convention.