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From Igor Volsky at ThinkProgress:

Just two days after Tennessee advanced its infamous ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, the state of Missouri referred to committee a measure that would eliminate discussions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in public schools, prohibit teachers from addressing bullying based on sexual orientation, and likely ban gay-straight alliances.

The bill is HB 2051. It is sponsored by GOP Rep. Stanley Cookson and has 19 co-sponsors: Scharnhorst, Koenig, Jones, Bhar, Tilley, Shumake, Rowland, Denison, Wells, Schatz, Burlison, Funderbunk, Fitzwater, Lant, McGhee and Houghton.

What you can do:

–Write, email or phone your Representative to let them know how abhorrent you find this action. Progress Missouri has an action page that will make it easier if you are pressed for time.

— Sign this PROMO  petition.

Why you should do it (as per ProgressMissouri)

–Missouri LGBT students frequently hear homophobic, sexist, and offensive remarks regarding their gender expression.

–Most LGBT students have been victimized at school; reporting of incidents are limited and when reported, offending parties are not reprimanded.

–Most LGBT students in Missouri do not have access to support or resources.

Anti-bullying legislation passed the Missouri General Assembly in 2006, but failed to include a list of students most often singled out and targeted for bullying. Without such a list in the law, school districts, administrators, and teachers do not have a clear understanding or training in how to recognize and handle all bullying situations. The Safe Schools Act would clarify these issues and reduce the negative impact of bullying upon LGBT students.