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Fighting back. A video promoting the march and rally in Jefferson City next weekend:

Susan Montee: On Saturday, April twenty-eighth women and men from all over Missouri will gather here in Jefferson City to march and rally for women’s rights. They’ll be joining a nationwide movement in all fifty states and we’d like you to join us.

Unite Against The War On Women. Some people have a problem with the words war on women. They say it’s too extreme. But just look where we are. There’s no denying the record number of laws passed in the last year restricting women’s reproductive rights. And what about the rash of proposed invasive laws, some requiring unnecessary medical procedures?

And we are fighting battles we thought we already won, like the nineteen ninety-four Violence Against Women Act that the Republican Congress just failed to renew.    

When I began my career in politics I fought for equal opportunities for women in the workforce. As a city council member in St. Joseph, Missouri I stood against those who said there were no women in many important government positions because women were not interested in those kind of jobs.

Today we’re still fighting the same fights and struggling for equal pay. Women earn seventy-seven cents out of every dollar a man makes. And over their lifetime that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and impact Social Security and pensions.

With the upcoming election and so many issues at stake it’s time to make our voices heard. Join the march and attend the rally.

The priorities are women’s rights and civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, women’s economic equality and worker’s rights, and protecting women and children from violence and abuse.

We have to be vigilant. Many of the rights that we’ve already fought for are under assault or have already been turned back.

Here in Missouri the march will take place in Jefferson City beginning at ten a.m. Everyone will gather at the Secretary of State office building and march to the capitol where the rally will be held. There will be a number of speakers addressing important issues, both nationally and locally, and a call to action here in Missouri.      

Courtney Cole: Our goals for the march are to increase public awareness of issues that are important to women, to advance women in the political process and policy making process so that our concerns are addressed by women, and to get women involved in the legislative and political process. We need women to get involved, take action, and vote.    

Susan Montee: this is an opportunity for every woman who cares about our rights, our well being, and the future of our daughters to unite with women across Missouri and America in making a difference. And men, we need you, too. Men who support our cause, we want you there with us. Without you we can’t succeed.

We Are Women March, Missouri. Saturday, April twenty-eighth in Jefferson City starting at ten a.m. at the Secretary of State building with the rally on the capitol steps starting around eleven. For more information visit our Facebook page.

Courtney Cole: Enough is enough. Stop the war on women.

Susan Montee: Stand up for women’s rights. Join us April twenty-eighth and let your voice be heard.


We’ll be there.