By @BGinKC

Do you know what’s more obnoxious and offensive than the GOP and their war on women? When a man decides that it’s over, move along, nothing to see here.

I’ve met Dave Weigel. We were both at Netroots Nation 09 in Pittsburgh. He’s a nice guy, and his wit is just as sharp in person and after a couple of beers as it is on the teevee machine and in his columns and tweets.

But when he gets it wrong, he really gets it wrong. He achieves levels of wrongness that are rivaled only by PB&J in one jar, Baconaise, anything whipped up in Paula Deen’s kitchen and John Boehner’s spray-on tan…in the aggregate.

And, earnestness aside, boy-oh-boy did he get it wrong today. He starts by tracing the arc from New York Representative Jerry Nadler’s use of the term “war on women” back in early 2011 when the GOP House majority that had been elected on the economy immediately chucked their campaign rhetoric and turned their attention to my lady parts and started passing legislation to restrict access to abortion. Because that’s how jobs are created…or something. The phrase was picked up by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and repeated. As the legislation got more odious and the states got into the act, the meme gained traction. It came to full flower with the introduction of “personhood” amendments and found it’s cadence as a counter to the imaginary “war on religion” that the right wing conjured when people balked at letting 276 supposedly-celibate old men dictate our birth-control choices. Then, per Mr. Weigel, it died on Wednesday night in the studio where Anderson Cooper 360 is taped with one utterance from Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen — who, for the record, didn’t say anything wrong, she just told the truth in a way that sounded bad.

That, per Weigel, is all it takes. Never mind the fact that Ann Romney has never worked for an employer a day in her life, nor had to face the difficulties choices the rest of us who aren’t married to gazillionaires have to make, because her cocoon of money protects her from life’s harsh realities.

Sorry Dave, but you whiffed this one. One impolitic comment does not a wholesale surrender make, nor does it truncate the actual policies that GOP lawmakers are instituting nationwide to disenfranchise old women at the ballot box and to turn young women who have sex into brood mares. It doesn’t undo the attacks on our access to abortion, it doesn’t undo the fact that equal pay provisions are being rolled back, that women’s jobs have been eliminated at the state and local government level when funding for schools and healthcare is slashed (most teachers and nurses are women) and it doesn’t obviate the fact that there are people who, in all plaintive seriousness, want to make contraceptives illegal.

In other words, all the weapons they have been using against us are still at their disposal, still trained on us and still being fired, and Hilary Rosen’s comment doesn’t change any of that, no matter what a tweed-wearing, penis-bearing American happens to think.