By @BGinKC

Well, Mittens is the last man standing. Yes, yes…Newt is still slithering around, and Ron Paul is still there, but so what? Newt is selling books to rubes and Ron Paul is simply an ideology-pimp. But when it comes right down to it, Newt is still a disgraced former Speaker who was run out of Congress by his own party and Ron Paul is still nothing more than an unaccomplished congressman who has only been on the right side of two issues in the last 35 years, and the earnestness of his supporters aside, he will never, not in a million years, be any more than an unaccomplished contrarian in the halls of Congress. The only people who are to be taken less seriously than the Evil Gnome himself are the people who think he’s all that and a bag of organic soy chips and he’ll save us all if we will just listen to him…Liberty…Constitution…Freedom…

Ron Paul is cashing in and filling the family coffers, knowing full well he is never going to be president, but that doesn’t stop him from cynically picking the pockets of fools and the very government he rails against.

Meanwhile, Newt’s healthcare reform lobbying shop has filed for bankruptcy and his campaign has started bouncing checks. He might not be on the ballot in Utah after the check for his filing fee bounced and the campaign is ducking calls from the state attempting to resolve the issue, and if it isn’t resolved in the next ten days (by April 20) he will be dropped from the ballot.

So, there it is. It’s Rmoney and Obama for all the marbles — and the direction of the Supreme Court and federal bench for the next two decades — and the right wing can either live with it or go fishing the first Tuesday in November.

Whatever they decide to do with their time that day, it’s not bloody likely that anyone will ever call Mittens “President,” and not only because women. just. don’t. like. him. and that is leading to Obama opening up not just leads, but schisms, in swing states like Colorado where the President is enjoying a 13-point-lead, due in large part to the decision by the republicans to wage a war on women and to hate on Hispanics.

Then there’s the fact that the Rmoney campaign has no infrastructure. They have been so focused on winning the nomination that they haven’t opened campaign offices. Instead, the same operatives show up in state-after-state, close out the primaries and move on, leaving nothing behind but empty offices and a phone number that is picked up by voicemail, but you can’t leave a message because the box is full.

They have managed to secure the nomination for their candidate by running, essentially, a national campaign in the primary season, but now that the general is underway, the problems with that approach will start rearing their ugly heads. For starters, if he has a campaign office anywhere in the state of Missouri, I can’t find it on the Google machine, but try typing Obama, campaign offices, Kansas City into your search engine. The first item on the search results is the campaign site, and there are campaign offices all over the place. One is just down the street from me, in Midtown KC, situated between the UMKC and Penn Valley Community College campuses.

Now the race is underway, and Obama has already rounded the first turn, while Rmoney is still standing there flat-footed, he hasn’t even found his stance on the starting blocks.

And that’s fine by me. I don’t think his “SWAT team” approach to a campaign will work so well on the national stage. The general is a long game, you can’t roll in with a couple of hired guns the last couple of weeks, blanket the airwaves with negative ads and outspend your opponents 50:1, effectively burying them in money to the point they can’t compete.

It’s all going to come together to make for a long, hot and ugly summer, and the GOP is going to have to face a reckoning when it’s over. That’s why I’m actually more interested in what the GOP does on the first Wednesday in November. Will the party split, or will the sane and moderate people who still call themselves “republican” (both of them) get busy purging the wingularity from their midst?  Either way, the republican party that Reagan bequeathed to the nation when he uncorked the crazy in order to win the White House in 1980 streaked brightly across the sky for a minute, but it’s either going to break apart or burn up on reentry, and that is scheduled for November 7 of this year.