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Because she did her bit for them (h/t Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog):

It’s a six figure ad-buy so maybe it’ll help. Alan Abramowitz predicts that the GOP will take the Senate along with the House in 2012 – and given the general consensus that McCaskill’s seat is among the most endangered, she needs all the help she can get.

Abramowitz does add this qualification:

The Senate forecast especially should be interpreted cautiously because the Senate model has a fairly large error term due to the small number of seats in each election.  And of course, it is still early and both the generic ballot and the presidential approval variables could change over the next few months.

So we gotta hope and keep on keeping on. Help from groups like VoteVets to neutralize the big money guys in organizations like Crossroads could still pull it out for McCaskill.  Don’t forget her biggest advantage – the weak GOP senatorial primary lineup which has to be one of the saddest bunch of losers in Missouri history.

Worth noting: Ezra Klein doesn’t think it’ll make much difference what happens to the Senate – we’re doomed to the current gridlocked status quo no matter what, thanks to the GOP House which is not likely to change – as long as Obama wins the presidency. Otherwise, it’ll be an orgy of right wing activism.  I’m not sure I agree  – the Senate is an imperfect buffer, but it’s still stands between the House and the total congressional control by the one percenters who’ve managed to buy up most of the available government.