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Have you written your Missouri Representative on Speaker Tilley’s decision to put a bust of Rush in the Hall of Famous Missourians?  

Here is what I wrote my Representative — Denny Hoskins, CPA.

Representative Hoskins,

Do you agree with Speak Tilley that Rush Limbaugh should be honored in the Missouri Hall of Fame with Harry Truman, John Ashcroft, Buck O’Neil, and Samuel Clemons  to name just a few?

If you agree, would you please explain what have Rush’s contributions been to warrant him being with the list above?

If you disagree, what are you doing to convince the Speaker this is a terrible choice?

Thank you for your time,


Today, Representative Hoskins replied.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for contacting me about Missouri’s Hall of Famous Missourians.  

The Speaker of the House determines whose bust is included in the Hall of Famous Missourians and the Speaker raises private donations to pay for the bust.

Since I was elected, I have advocated for Blind Boone to be inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians, however, the decision is made by the Speaker and unfortunately Blind Boone has not been selected despite our best efforts.

Thanks again for contacting me.  I appreciate your input.


Rep. Denny Hoskins, CPA

I recognized that Representative Hoskins was not involved with this decision.  

I thought my questions were very civil. I wonder why Representative Hoskins did not answer them.