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I don’t pay much attention to RedState‘s Erick Erickson so I owe Ed Kilgore of the Washington Monthly for pointing out a fact that suggests that for perhaps the first time ever, Erickson and I are on somewhat the same wavelength. Erickson, whom Kilgore characterizes as a “blogger, pundit and would-be political boss,” as well as an “an ideological commissar,” has made his contempt for the GOP presidential primary lineup well and truly known:

I have routinely been asked who I would endorse. Today, after a lot of reflection on this race, I can honestly say my position has not changed and I would honestly prefer Ace of Spades’ sweet meteor of death than any of the candidates left in the race. […] I can take the easy way out and not endorse because while I recognize politics necessitates compromise, I would have to compromise my intellectual honesty too much to choose any of the remaining candidates.

Lots of room for bipartisan agreement there.

In other news about GOPers speaking the truth, Kilgore spends a little ink on Missouri’s totally symbolic Republican primary, which is taking place today. Kilgore observes that the situation came about because, just like their federal cohorts, the GOP legislators at the state level are evidently incapable of restraining themselves from using important legislation to try to score unrelated political victories.

In this case, legislation that would have moved Missouri’s GOP primary to a time slot acceptable to the Republican National Committee was loaded up with poison pills. So Missouri citizens who are facing cuts to almost every conceivable government service, are paying for this boondoggle primary because the gentlemen and ladies of the Grand Old Party couldn’t get their priorities straight.

Kilgore quotes state GOP Senator Kevin Engler who dubbed it “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my time in the legislature.” I say “hear, hear.” A singular bipartisan adventure for both Engler and me I’ll wager.