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The statement below is taken from Washington Monthly blogger Ed Kilgore’s commentary on the passage of right-to-work-for less legislation in Indiana:

But as someone who grew up in the right-to-work Deep South, I can assure Indianans that from a psychological point of view they are about to enter a brave new world where an ever-neurotic desire to keep corporations happy always seems to trump any consideration of fair play or workers’ rights. Welcome to the Old South, Hoosiers! Misery loves company.

What struck me immediately is that Kilgore could have been describing the political tone that has been emanating from Jefferson City during the past ten years that I’ve been living here – even without right-to-work-for-less.  

I can only add, that like most of the deep South states Kilgore references, the legislative anxiety about not offending business interests doesn’t seem to have done much for the state’s economic growth. Given the steady decline that has characterized the past decade, one can be forgiven for concluding that the result has been quite the opposite.