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I made the trip to St Louis to be part of Occupy Monsanto January 24, 2012.  This group was demonstrating for labeling of genetically modified food and happened on the day of the Monsanto Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Labeling seems so insignificant, but the economic threat (challenge) for the Monsantos of the world could be significant.  They don’t want labeling, that is why they bought our government.  So protecting Monsanto’s dollars are more important than humans having information of what is in their food.

There were about 60 demonstrators there, and most coming from some distance.  I guess I thought that there would be more St. Louis activists and concerned eaters.  Adam Eidinger from Washington D.C. of Right2KnowMarch arranged to get some investors together so he could speak as shareholder at this meeting.   He delivered a prepared statement to warn the shareholders of lawsuits for damage caused by GMOs.

Below is the video of his comments after presenting at the Monsanto Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.  

He reflects on some interesting comments made by the CEO Hugh Grant.  Mr. Grant informs Adam that they have already looked at liability and potential risk.  Thinking about Monsanto’s history of damaging people and soil, I bet they have calculated how many sick people it will take to cost more than profit.

Thinking about the lack of current published research, if we would begin a research project right now, we would have trouble finding human subjects that have NOT consumed GMOs for the control group!  

The pervasive growth of Roundup Ready crops has been incredible.  Imagine a beautiful Iowa corn field; now imagine all the GMO pollen that this field will make.  All we need is a little pollen drift and soon there will ONLY be GMO corn.

The problem is that everything we eat has GMO in it.  In addition to Frankenstein Food of GMO we are also getting the full treatment of Roundup herbicide.  Roundup does not go away!!  It was a lie, Monsanto lied!