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Or maybe, it’s just making stuff up.

A few days ago, via Twitter:

@RepHartzler Rep. Vicky Hartzler

Outrageous! Pres. Obama has killed the 20,000 jobs Keystone Pipeline project increasing our dependence on foreign oil. 18 Jan

And this reply:

@racb33 Raymond cattaneo

@RepHartzler u do realize that the keystone was transporting FOREIGN oil, right? 20 Jan

Here’s something more about oil distribution:

December 25, 2011

U.S. net exports of petroleum products

One big story of 2011 was the United States switched from being a net importer to a net exporter of petroleum products. Here are the details behind that development.

The graph below plots the difference between U.S. exports and imports of petroleum products. On average in 2008, we had been importing about 1.8 million barrels per day more than we exported. So far in the second half of 2011, the difference has swung to an average positive net export balance of 0.4 million barrels per day. The exports are coming in the form of diesel and gasoline that is being sold all over the world, with the top 10 buyers in terms of growth of demand for U.S. products being Mexico, Netherlands, Chile, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Turkey, Argentina, and France….

….a key factor is that abundant new supplies of crude oil from Canada and North Dakota are now coming into the central United States….

That first part is petroleum products, not crude.

Then there’s transporting that Canadian tar sand:

….The proposed Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion Project is an approximate 2,673-kilometre (1,661-mile), 36-inch crude oil pipeline that would begin at Hardisty, Alberta and extend southeast through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. It would incorporate a portion of the Keystone Pipeline (Phase II) through Nebraska and Kansas to serve markets at Cushing, Oklahoma before continuing through Oklahoma to a delivery point near existing terminals in Nederland, Texas to serve the Port Arthur, Texas marketplace.

What would happen in Port Arthur, Texas? Export:

….Keystone XL is an export pipeline. The Port Arthur, Texas, refiners at the end of its route are focused on expanding exports to Europe and Latin America. Much of the fuel refined from the pipeline’s heavy crude oil will never reach US drivers’ tanks….

So much for decreasing dependence on foreign oil. It wouldn’t have worked either way, now, would it?