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Yeah, we were there this morning.

We drove across Iowa today.

The state of republican presidential campaigns in Iowa.

The only evidence we encountered that might have indicated something was up was a CNN bus parked next to Highway 151 in Dubuque and a vehicle traveling south on Interstate 35 south of Des Moines with a Michel Bachmann bumper sticker. That was it. I kid you not.

Compare that to four years ago:

….Traveling west on I-80 toward Des Moines we were confronted with Ron Paul signs placed on the slopes of overpass right of ways. Approximately every ten miles. They were less “slick” than the usual campaign signs – these appeared to be 2 x 6 or 4 x 6 with the exact same pseudo-homemade look. You’ve just got to love that affected “grassroots”  patina….

….We stopped for gas at a truck stop in Altoona. As we were pulling in a campaign bus emblazoned with “Huckabeast” was pulling out….

Yawn. You can just feel the Willardmentum building.