So I have a paying gig that involves editing and moderating for a major dead-tree political magazine. It’s a job I have had for over five years, so I have developed a pretty good spidey-sense where the trolls are concerned — and this exchange made it tingle:

Gonzo on December 21, 2011 12:40 PM:

While they did effectively dismiss the issue rather than address it, the childish rant that follows doesn’t put the opposition in a good light either. When the Speaker gavels out and declares adjournment, the process is ended, along with any debate, unlike what the article here claims. This is a Democrat violation of parliamentary procedure to grandstand on an issue they were not politically poised to exert their will over.

If you support the legislation that was dropped, your talking point is that they didn’t address it, not that they walked out on it. Even if Republicans sided with the ranting Representative against the Speaker, it would have no legal standing.

chi res on December 21, 2011 1:24 PM:

This is a Democrat violation of parliamentary procedure

Only a true Republic moron could come up with that one. LOL!

Gonzo on December 21, 2011 2:40 PM:

chi res: Contrary to your beliefs, I am not in favor of the Republicans any more than I am their counterparts in the Democrat side. Even someone so caught up in the fervor of propaganda as you are must recognize that ranting after session has legally ended is merely for show.

As for a “Republic moron”, viewing an entire group of people as “morons” because you disagree with their political views puts you far below the Republican incumbents who’ve pandered to the rich rather than do what their constituents put them there for (tea party or otherwise).

chi res on December 21, 2011 5:15 PM:

I am not in favor of the Republicans any more than I am their counterparts in the Democrat side.

Duh. That’s the second time you’ve left the “ic” off of Democratic, Mr. Obvious.

And I didn’t call ALL republicans “moron”, just you.

The part I bolded jumped off the screen at me, and made my spidey-sense tingle, so I decided to look a little closer at this “Gonzo” person, and what do you suppose I found when I ran the IP?


Yes, that really does say that the person defending the “procedure” of lily-livered republican cowards ducking a fight they were scared of losing, was posting from a Missouri House of Representatives server, located in zip-code 65020. There is one House of Representatives member with an office in Camdenton —


Missouri keeps cutting services and raising the cost of getting a college education, but there is money in the budget to pay for high-speed internet connections and staffers to log on to them and troll liberal websites and defend the indefensible — raising taxes on 160,000,000 working families, four days before Christmas.

That’s your republican party, Missouri. Defending the indefensible — on procedural grounds — when the result of what is being defended will be a significant tax increase on the people in Camdenton. According to the City Data website, the average household income for the residents of the city is approximately $30,500 — approximately 2/3 of the $45,000 median income for a Missouri household. A thousand bucks a year — that’s how much their taxes, on average, will go up on January 1 — is a lot of money to someone whose household realizes thirty grand for the entire year.

I will never, for the life of me, figure out how we manage to lose state legislative elections to these people.