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We all know that the GOP primary candidates for Claire McCaskill’s senatorial seat are what can only be charitably described charitably as a bunch of hot messes. Even members of the GOP seem to realize this fact, as witness the recent disparaging remarks from the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Nor, if I am not mistaken, have the GOP gubernatorial possibilities been especially promising. Think Peter “Pantless” Kinder, poor, out-of-his-depth Tom Schweich, or, God forbid, Ed Martin with his scandal-laden past, who has been signaling that he would like to complete his trifecta and run for Governor as well as the other offices he is or was seeking.  

Which brings us to the candidacy of wealthy St. Louis businessman, Dave Spence. I, naive creature that I am, assumed that he entered the race in response to the perceived weakness of the GOP gubernatorial field. Spence, a relative unknown, seemed to offer the Missouri GOP a chance to escape the miasma of absurdity that adheres to the other, better-known, potential contenders.

But we live and learn. The more I read about Spence. the easier it is to conclude that there’s nobody left in the GOP who isn’t a total fool and/or charlatan. Consider FiredUp!‘s report on Spence’s tweets about the importance of getting “gov’t off the back of the private sector to create jobs.” This comes from a man who, as FiredUp’s Parker explains:

… completely forgot about the $40 million bailout that his bank received while he served on the board and has subsequently refused to pay back.  Let’s not forget that when pressed on the issue, Spence has repeatedly refused to give a straight answer why his bank hasn’t repaid the taxpayer dollars, even after pouring $2 million into his own campaign fund.

Words like “dishonest” and “hypocrite” come to mind,” although I suspect phrases like “cognitively impaired” might actually be more descriptive. Perhaps Spence isn’t really so different from the other Missouri GOP governor wannabes after all – almost all of whom, to be honest, would fit in very well with the merry band of loonies performing so hilariously in the GOP presidential primary debates. These folks might really, sadly, be the actual face of the contemporary GOP.