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Democrats: President Obama heading to Osawatomie Tuesday

2 hours, 26 minutes ago

Steve Kraske


A leaked e-mail to Prime Buzz states that the president will be in Osawatomie – of all places – on Tuesday.

Why Osawatomie? And why Kansas?

We’re scrambling to find out.

But note this from Wikipedia

[emphasis added]

That prompted these responses:

@annievangsnes Annie Montemayor

Citing Wikipedia? Good job Midwest Democracy Project. Sometimes being a journalist means picking up a phone.[…]1 hour ago

@annievangsnes Annie Montemayor

@stevekraske @smontemayor Better question: Why do you think a tidbit from Wikipedia makes a good hypothesis for his visit. 1 hour ago

That left a mark.

And who is Annie Montemayor?:

Annie Montemayor

@annievangsnes Paola, KS

Graduate of William Allen White School of Journalism at KU. Reporter/photographer at the Miami County Republic….



Oooh, we’re mean.

It turns out that President Obama will indeed be in Osawatomie, Kansas on Tuesday.

Heh. We’re still mean.