The republican party takes care of their one true constituency.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly:

…And that leaves GOP lawmakers in an interesting position. On the one hand, they’re killing a super-committee deal because they refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy in 2013. On the other hand – indeed, at the exact same time – the identical Republicans have no qualms about supporting a tax increase on practically every American who earns a paycheck, which would kick in on Jan. 1, which is just six weeks away.

You see the problem. Republicans are afraid a tax increase affecting a small sliver of the population over a year from now is awful for the economy, but they’re comfortable with a tax increase affecting practically everyone a month from now…

[emphasis added]

Come January 1 the republicans are going to increase your taxes and hope no one notices. With our incompetent old media chasing shiny baubles elsewhere they’ll be able to pull it off.

Go. Read the whole thing.