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That’s what Multiple Republican sources told Politico. While sources familiar with Kinder’s plans told the Washington Post that Kinder will run for re-election as Lt. Governor.

The announcement is set for 3pm, which when you account for the rules of political events, means closer to 3:15.

Winners and losers if Kinder runs for Lt. Governor

Winners: Peter Kinder (if he loses, it’ll be far less of an embarrassment as losing by 15-20 to Jay Nixon would have. If he wins, 4 more years to get paid to tweet). Other Republicans who could run for Governor but weren’t (Sure, they’d still lose, but someone has to think they’re better than Dave Spence or Bill Randles). Dave Spence (“Hi, I’m Dave Spence, you’ve never heard of me, but can you just let me have the nomination? I have money!”)

Losers: Brad Lager and Chris McKee (Back to the drawing board. No down-ballot statewide incumbent has lost a primary in Missouri since 1934). Peter Kinder (Like he’s gonna have a shot at Governor in 2016. This is the ultimate tail-between-legs moment for a guy who is 5 for 5 in elections).

Not Sure: Susan Montee (It’s not like a tough race wasn’t still expected after Steven Tilley dropped out and now. Kinder’s Gubernatorial “campaign” isn’t going to be forgotten in 2012 either.)

Now, it’s 45 (or 60) minutes to the announcement. So there’s always a shot that Kinder just retires. But guys who get paid money to cover politics claim he’s running for Lt. Governor.



From Aaron Blake on Twitter: “A reliable source tells me Dave Spence wrote himself a $2 million check for #MOGOV”

Blake also passes on claims of Kinder endorsing Spence while bailing on the race.


From the announcement PR:

“After keeping his promise to Missourians to travel the state and discuss a potential race for Governor”

Awesome ‘promise’ dude.

PR summary: “I am awesome, things are bad, Dave Spence is more electable than I am”