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Tracy McCreery won her November primary and the general election in one fell swoop. She took it handily, for a three way race, with almost 44 percent of the vote. I had my doubts that a progressive, no matter how much admired by her supporters, should risk giving that seat to a Tea Party Republican. But, judging by the passionate support she mustered, we’re going to be tickled pink to have her in the lege.

Last month, she was part of a list that Arthur Lieber ticked off when he spoke to the West County Democrats. Lieber, whose most recent claim to fame was challenging Todd Akin last year, favors a positive take on life whenever he can. So he provided a list of some promising developments. He was encouraged that Obama has drawn a line in the sand about vetoing any revenue bill that doesn’t include more taxes on the wealthy; about the sort of, well, stunning evidence that Elizabeth Warren isn’t selling out for campaign cash; and–to return to the topic at hand–about McCreery’s run for the seat in the 83rd.

So anyway, 44 percent of the vote for McCreery, huh? If I could catch a crow, I’d eat it.

By the way, that blog Lieber refers to, where both he and his wife, Gloria Bilchik, contribute, is Occasional Planet.  Bilchik is also a positive thinker. And Lieber has a quirky idea to lure Obama away from Goldman Sachs contributions and make him indebted instead to progressives. If somebody with a national mailing list would step up, this idea could fly.