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Today on the Website for the Campaign for America’s Future, Bill Scher published a list of 25 current senators who voted for the boondoggle-rich “Bridge to Nowhere” transportation bill in 2005  while voting against President Obama’s much less expensive infrastructure bill last week. In other words, they had no problem voting for frivolous spending six years ago, but now they can’t bring themselves to vote to respond to pressing infrastructure needs while creating desperately needed jobs in the process.  

You’ll not be surprised to learn that all but two of these humbugs, Nebraska’s Ben Nelson and Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman (who else, right?), are Republicans. Further, as Steve Benen notes, there are some malefactors who deserve the opprobrium due to this select group, but escape due to a technicality:

… some House members – Missouri’s Roy Blunt, for example – voted for the 2005 bill as House members, and have since been promoted to the Senate.

So I guess we can count Roy Blunt among the lawmakers that Scher designates as “champions of hypocrisy … the people who are standing in the way.”