On Monday Nov. 14th, come help us set a winning agenda on education.

The Missouri Democratic Party has asked that caucuses be set up for all the major issues.  I am holding a caucus on education, open to all, at my home on Nov. 14th at 7:00 PM.

This week, 17 Democratic state reps are meeting to talk about their agenda for 2012.  At least two of those, State Rep. Margo McNeil, who is on the House education committee, and Rep. Jill Schupp are going to be attending this education caucus. Also joining is Cecil Sharp, President of the Missouri NEA Retired.

Margo and Jill can tell us what happened in regard to education at their meeting. Then all of us can add our input and come out with a plan to do three things:

 Help set the Democratic agenda in the upcoming 2012 legislative session.

 Help design educational issues as a focus of electing more Democrats in the 2012 election

 Win back support on public education

I hope you can make this date.  Please ask some of your friends to come and help shape the Democratic agenda for education.

Carl Peterson – contact below


636 447 4660