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Occupy Kansas City held a rally and march from Ilus Davis Park in downtown Kansas City this afternoon. At its peak there were approximately three hundred to three hundred fifty people participating in the rally and march.

“Stop Legalized Bribery In Politics”

Location, location, location…

“Class War? Hell Yes And We’ve Been Losing”

The crowd in Ilus Davis Park, in the section overlooked by the federal court building.

Organized labor is part of the ninety-nine percent.

The sprinklers were running in the park – go figure.

“Fire The Rich”

“Average CEO Pay, Average Worker Pay”

“The 99% Are Seeing Red”

As the rally progressed the number of people in the park increased.

Signing up.

The march started from the northeast corner of the park. Occupy Kansas City had a permit from the city to march in the street, but apparently the Kansas City Police department vetoed that idea. Marchers were warned by Occupy Kansas City that the police could arrest anyone marching in the street. Most of the marchers took to the street.

In the street.

“Capitalism Is The Crisis”

A number of police cars, with lights and sirens, appeared shortly after the march turned east. After a few minutes the officers gave up on trying to get the marchers out of the street. They left as quickly as they appeared.

The Kansas City Police Department shows up.

So much for the conventional wisdom about the demographics.

“We Are One”

“We Are the 99%”


The march headed out of the park into northeast neighborhoods and arrived back at the park approximately an hour and a half after it started.