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There was a Where Are The Jobs/Occupy The Capitol rally on the steps of the Capitol in Jefferson City starting at 11:00 a.m. today. The organizers obtained the required permits and up to noon about twenty-five people showed up with signs on the south steps of the Capitol.  

Organized labor on the steps of the Capitol.

“The ‘Job Creators’ Are Taking The Decade Off” and “Thank You For Killing Aerotropolis”

Show Me Progress: So, why are you here today?

Dan Norris: I’m here just to emphasize my disgust with, uh, both political parties and, uh, what’s gone on out there recently.

Show Me Progress: Uh, so, what specifically troubles you?

Dan Norris: Uh, it troubles me that, it seems like neither one of the major parties, uh, really empathizes with, uh, the everyday working person. And, you know, there’s, there’s handouts on both sides of the political spectrum to special interests, uh, based on their lobbying power.

Show Me Progress: So, do you feel that you, you have a voice that’s heard?

Dan Norris: Uh, I feel that my voice largely goes ignored. And, uh, you know, that’s why I feel that it’s, uh, something we, we need to get out and to exercise our freedom of speech to be sure that, uh, we are noticed.

“Where Did All The Science go?” and “Banks Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out”

Show Me Progress: Why are you here today?

Matt Dillingham: Try and change a little bit of the system.

Show Me Progress: So what, what about the system disappoints you, that needs change?

Matt Dillingham: The fact that we have no control over anything that we do in our government. Everybody else says what we do.

Show Me Progress: Um, in, in, in what way, who’s that everybody?

Matt Dillingham: Um, we’re that everybody. All the people, you know, get screwed and, I mean, the government’s the one that’s doing it, the government and corporate power.

Show Me Progress: So, do you feel that, that, uh, you have a voice?

Matt Dillingham: No, not at all, not one bit.

Show Me Progress: And, and what do you think, uh, you can do to change that.

Matt Dillingham: This is a start. I don’t know where it’ll finish.

“Corporate Greed is Bad”

Show Me Progress: Why are you here today?

William Bradford Connor: I’m here ’cause I agree with the Occupy Wall Street people that, uh, greed and the excessive abuses that have occurred in Wall Street and have been covered up by our mass media need to come out. What Elliot Spitzer was doing should still be done. And we should throw ’em all in jail.

Show Me Progress: Um, other than that solution of, uh, throwing people into jail, what other solutions do you think can, can help the situation?

William Bradford Connor: Wall Street needs to remember about the ninety-nine percent, that we’re angry and we’ve just had it. And change has to occur in how they manage, especially jobs which are being outsourced left and right.

“End Corporate Personhood!”

“This is still a Democracy, Not a Plutocracy!”

In front of the statue of Thomas Jefferson.