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Did you see where our junior GOP Senator, Roy Blunt, tweeted a couple of weeks ago that he’s:

Glad to see reports EPA is finally heeding our call not to impose a ridiculous job-destroying regulation on farm dust

Except, of course, the EPA hasn’t heeded virtuous GOP calls to cease efforts to regulate farm dust, which Blunt’s cynical, carefully worded post implies. There was never any indication that the agency was contemplating doing so in the first place. The Republicans were just engaging, as they so often do, in much ado over nothing.

Even The Hill article Blunt cites notes that the belief that the EPA was going to regulate farm dust was the result of GOP “speculation” about the possible results of the review that, under the terms of the Clean Air Act, the EPA is obligated to perform every five years. The article even quotes an EPA spokesman who addressed the rumor mongering last August, stating that “this is a myth the administrator has debunked personally on several occasions.”

Roy Blunt, who is not a stupid man, knows this very well. But getting and keeping farmers all worked-up about those know-nothing, anti-farm regulators seems to work out well for cynical GOPers as well as for the anti-regulatory agenda of their corporate financial supporters.