ChrissyRepublican Chrissy Sommer is running against Democrat Paul Woody in a special election on November 5th for the House seat in St. Charles (HD 15) that Representative Sally Faith vacated earlier this year. Sommer is a classic case of talking the job creation/bipartisanship/boost public education talk, but lurching when it comes to the walk.

For example, Sommer talks job creation: “We need to fight to keep Missouri jobs in Missouri and to bring in new jobs.”  But stumbles. If she’s serious about job creation in her own state, then it’s odd that she bought her campaign signs from a company in Iowa. True, producing her signs wouldn’t keep even one Missouri worker busy for the year, but that doesn’t change the fact that, with hundreds of Missouri companies to choose from, she didn’t spare a thought for “Missouri jobs”.

Sommer broadcasts her love of bipartisanship. Her TV ad running on Fox and MSNBC asserts that she wants to stop the fighting in Jefferson City and provide new leadership. Her walk is wobbly, though. She tries to sound like a grass roots outsider, but her funding indicates that she is status quo from the get go. Almost 90 percent of her money comes from insiders: Republican candidate committees or employees of the House of Representatives.

Sommer talks a good game about public education: “I want to live in a Missouri where our children can receive a world-class education.” But she teeters when she refuses to meet with the National Education Association (NEA) who represent the teachers and educators in St. Charles County.

Sommer says: “I love St. Charles and Missouri, and I want to ensure that we have plenty of jobs and economic opportunity.” Consider this situation, though. (Watch out for the curb, Ms. Sommer!) She has worked for thirty years at her family’s janitorial business. Now, the Francis Howell School Board, which her husband presides over, is considering laying off all the custodial staff in the district and outsourcing the janitorial work. To whom? We’d have to ask the board whether the Sunset Maintenance Company might be in the running. And while we’re asking, let’s inquire of Sommer herself whether she supports laying off the district’s custodial staff in favor of outsourcing the work to a private janitorial business. We might hope that the “economic opportunity” she favors is more than just her own, but it would be inadvisable to lay serious money on it.

Correction: The date of the election is November 8th, not the 5th.