I came to this site because I Googled the words in my subject line.  A week or so ago a woman came to my door and gave me a flier for Tracy McCreery.  She specifically told me that McCreery was a Democrat running for Jake Zimmerman’s old seat.  I listed to her talk and enthusiastically agreed that I would vote for McCreery.  Not one word was said about McCreery running as an Independent against Jeff O’Connell.

I’m, obviously, not that informed about politics, at least at the local level.  I probably wouldn’t have realized there was something funny going on till I got into the voting booth and saw that O’Connell was listed as the Democrat and McCreery as an independent.

Luckily, today two guys came to the door and gave me an O’Connell leaflet.  They said he was the Democrat running for Jake Zimmerman’s old seat.  I said, “Oh, is this a primary?  I already said I would vote for a woman who is running for his old seat.”  Well, these guys didn’t seem to know much about it, and couldn’t explain what the story was.  They didn’t know if it was a primary or a regular election.  But at least I had a question I could Google, with my two leaflets in hand.

I think the woman who came to my door should have explained the issue and not misled me.  I am a Democrat and pretty strongly opposed to splitting the progressive vote.  I still bear a grudge against Claire McCaskill for doing that years ago, although it has lessened.

Not fair pool.