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An article in The Hill today details the subterfuges of the Democratic quislings who seem to want to go bat for the Republican election effort next year by voting “no” on the President’s jobs bill. The list includes most of the usual suspects – with one wonderful exception:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), another election-year target who has attempted to distance herself from Obama, has spoken favorably of the bill. Her office did not respond to questions on Monday, but on Tuesday said she would vote for it.

Looks like McCaskill’s been paying attention. As Greg Sergent reports, pollster Stanley Greenberg contends that not only is it important, politically speaking, for Democrats to attempt to to draw a distinction between themselves and Republicans with this vote, but that Democrats who shy away from doing the right thing could be undercutting themselves as well as the President:

“They reduce their risks for reelection by showing support for a jobs bill that’s going to be increasingly popular as voters learn more about it,” Greenberg said. “They have to be for something on the economy, and this the kind of proposal they should support. If I were advising them, I’d say you want to be backing a jobs bill with middle class tax cuts paid for by tax hikes on millionaires. Moderate voters in these states very much want to raise taxes on the wealthy to meet our obligations.”

But now is not the time to let up on the pressure on McCasilll. Keep those letters and phone calls coming; let our Democratic Senator know how important we think this jobs plan is and how enthusiastic we will be about those Missouri politicians who support it.

UPDATE:  After last night’s vote, don’t forget to call Senator McCaskill and thank her for standing with the real Democrats yesterday. The President’s bill got a majority even though it couldn’t breach the Republican filibuster, but as Greg Sargent explains, getting a majority was vitallly important.