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There’s a new progressive blogsite worth checking out. A group of progressive women, including state rep. Stacey Newman, are posting news articles about issues women care about, written from a progressive point of view. The site is Progress Women. With five bloggers, it’s updated at least once a day. Most of the postings are links to articles on national websites, but occasionally one covers local issues and is written by a staff member.

The site is just one of the ways progressive women are stepping up their communications game. Rep. Newman, when she spoke to Missouri Progressive Action Group last week, said that in the past, Democrats in the minority in the House have stood at the mics and made their points, even when they knew they weren’t going to convert any Republicans or win a vote, because the press was there. Dems called it “talking to god.” It was their only means of informing the public of what went on on the House floor. But now, Newman said, pulling her smart phone out of her hip pocket, there’s Twitter and Facebook. Now when a Tea Party representative says something that makes the Dems gawk in disbelief, they can get the word out on their own and in a hurry. And I can tell you that Newman, even when the lege isn’t in session, is all over Facebook and Twitter.