SEIU sent out this announcement:

By now you’ve seen the thousands of brave students, workers and the unemployed occupying Wall Street.

But did you know that as of yesterday, there are over 300 solidarity “occupy events” happening across the country and around the clock?

In Philadelphia, 1,000+ individuals took to City Hall on Tuesday night.

In Washington, D.C., people have camped out in McPherson Square, symbolically located on K Street, since last week.

In L.A., citizens have spent six straight days and nights outside City Hall protesting against income inequality and joblessness.

The crowds and peaceful demonstrations will only get larger and louder as more Americans find the courage to stand up and demand Wall Street, CEOs and millionaires pay their fair share to create good jobs now.

This is the moment that determines whether this movement succeeds or falls flat. Will you pledge to help the movement spread by visiting an Occupy event in Saint Louis? You can sign up and find a comprehensive list of events here:


Occupy Everywhere

If you want to know what your local Occupiers are doing, the link above is the way to go. It directed me to the most up to date Facebook page, more current than the lame one I got just by going to Facebook and typing the name into the search box. The Kos site will also give you a link to their web page if you prefer that to Facebook. I’m not seeing any events listed right now in St. Louis–unless I somehow missed them. Feel free to point it out if I did that.